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Tax Resolution Services

Welcome to EmprePro Solutions, your trusted partner in tax resolution! Dealing with tax issues can be overwhelming and stressful, but you don't have to face them alone. Our dedicated team of tax resolution experts is here to provide you with personalized guidance and comprehensive solutions to help you overcome your tax challenges.


We understand the complexities of the tax system and the impact it can have on individuals and businesses. Whether you're facing tax debt, an IRS audit, penalties, or other tax-related problems, we have the knowledge and expertise to navigate the intricacies of the tax resolution process.


Our goal is to help you regain financial stability and peace of mind. We will work closely with you to assess your unique situation, develop a customized strategy, and negotiate with tax authorities on your behalf. Our team is well-versed in various tax resolution options, including installment agreements, offers in compromise, penalty abatement, innocent spouse relief, and more.


You can trust EmprePro Solutions to be your advocate, fighting for your rights and best interests. We stay up-to-date with the latest tax laws and regulations to ensure that our strategies align with the most current practices. With our commitment to professionalism, integrity, and exceptional service, we are dedicated to helping you achieve the best possible resolution for your tax issues.


Don't let tax problems hold you back. Contact us today and let our experienced tax resolution experts guide you toward a brighter financial future. Take the first step toward resolving your tax issues and reclaiming your peace of mind.

Services We Offer

[IRS Audit Representation]
Our experienced tax resolution team will guide you through the audit process, ensuring your rights are protected and representing your interests before the IRS. We will help you gather the necessary documentation, prepare your audit response, and negotiate a favorable resolution.
[Tax Debt Relief]
If you're burdened with tax debt, we can help you explore options such as installment agreements, (OIC) offer-in- compromise, and currently not collectible status. Our experts will analyze your financial situation and develop a strategic plan to reduce your tax debt and establish an affordable repayment plan.
[Penalty and Interest Abatement]
We understand that penalties and interest can quickly accumulate, making your tax situation even more challenging. Our team will assess your circumstances, identify valid penalty and interest abatement opportunities, and work towards reducing or eliminating these additional financial burdens.
[Innocent Spouse Relief]
If you're facing tax liability due to your spouse's or ex-spouse's actions, we can assist you in pursuing innocent spouse relief. We will help you navigate the complex requirements and present a compelling case to the IRS, seeking relief from the tax debt attributed to your spouse.
[Tax Lien and Levy Release]
Dealing with tax liens and levies can be stressful and disruptive. Our experts will work diligently to negotiate the release of tax liens and levies, allowing you to regain control of your assets and finances.
[Tax Compliance Review]
Our team will conduct a comprehensive review of your tax filings, identifying any potential compliance issues or areas for improvement. We will provide valuable insights to ensure your tax returns are accurate, complete, and in compliance with current tax laws.

How do we

get started?

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Simply book a consultation with us. You can reach out to our team through our website or by contacting us directly. We will promptly schedule a meeting at a time convenient for you.


As part of the booking process, we will provide you with an Intake Form to gather some initial information about your tax situation. Additionally, we have supplied you with a comprehensive "What You Need to Provide your Tax Resolution Specialist?" checklist below. This checklist will guide you in preparing the necessary documents and details needed for your consultation, ensuring a productive and efficient discussion.


During your scheduled consultation, you will meet with one of our experienced tax resolution specialists. We will carefully review your Intake Form and the provided documents to gain a thorough understanding of your tax challenges. Our specialists will ask you pertinent questions to gather any additional information necessary to develop a personalized resolution strategy.

At this stage, we will discuss our services, the potential options available to address your tax issues, and the associated costs. Our team will provide transparent pricing details and work with you to determine the best course of action. Once we have agreed on the services to be provided, we will collect the necessary payment to initiate the resolution process.


After the consultation and payment submission, our team will begin the process of resolving your tax issues. Please note that tax resolution can be a complex and time-consuming process, requiring careful analysis and negotiation with tax authorities. Throughout this stage, we will keep you informed and provide updates on the progress of your case.


While the timeline may vary depending on the complexity of your case and the cooperation of tax authorities, rest assured that our team will work diligently to expedite the resolution process. We are committed to providing you with regular updates and maintaining open lines of communication as we work towards a successful resolution.


tax resolution specialist?

What do I need to provide to my

Taxpayer Representation Authorization:

  • Form 2848 (Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representative) signed by the taxpayer, granting your tax resolution specialist the authority to represent them before the IRS or state tax authorities.

Tax Notices and Letters:

  • Copies of any tax notices or letters received from the IRS or state tax authorities.

  • Record of dates and correspondence with the taxing authorities.

Tax Returns:

  • Copies of all relevant tax returns for the tax years in question.

  • Any unfiled tax returns that need to be completed.

Income Documents:

  • Forms W-2 for each employer (reporting wages, salaries, and tips).

  • 1099-MISC forms for self-employment income.

  • 1099-INT and 1099-DIV forms for interest and dividend income.

  • 1099-B forms for brokerage or investment income and sales of stocks or bonds.

  • 1099-R forms for retirement account distributions.

  • Rental income and expenses documentation.

  • Any other income documentation (e.g., gambling winnings, royalties).

Business Information (if applicable):

  • Business income and expenses records.

  • Business tax returns (e.g., Form 1065 for partnerships, Form 1120 for corporations).

Financial Statements:

  • Profit and loss statements (income statements).

  • Balance sheets.

  • Cash flow statements (if available).

Bank Account Information:

  • Bank account statements for the tax years in question.

Assets and Liabilities:

  • Documentation for significant assets (e.g., real estate, vehicles).

  • Records of outstanding debts or liabilities.

Expense Documentation:

  • Receipts and invoices for significant expenses (e.g., medical, education, business).

Proof of Hardship (if applicable):

  • Documentation supporting financial hardship, if seeking an offer in compromise or other tax relief programs.

Previous Communication with Tax Authorities:

  • Any prior communications with the IRS or state tax authorities.

Tax Resolution Goals:

  • A clear description of the desired tax resolution outcome (e.g., installment agreement, offer in compromise, penalty abatement).


The processing time for tax resolution services at EmprePro Solutions can vary depending on the complexity of your case and the cooperation of tax authorities. Generally, the consultation and analysis phase can be completed within a few days of submitting your Intake Form.

The negotiation process with tax authorities may take several weeks or months, and the resolution implementation timeline depends on the specific requirements of your case. Rest assured, our team is committed to working diligently on your behalf to achieve a resolution as efficiently as possible.

[Frequently Asked Questions]

How much does tax resolution services cost?
The cost of tax resolution services can vary depending on the complexity of your tax issues and the specific services required. It's best to consult with us to get a personalized quote based on your situation.
Will hiring you guarantee that my tax problems will be resolved?
While hiring a tax resolution firm improves your chances of achieving a favorable resolution, it does not guarantee the outcome. The resolution process involves negotiations with tax authorities, and the final resolution depends on factors such as your financial situation, compliance history, and the willingness of tax authorities to cooperate.
What should I do if I've received a tax notice or a lien from the IRS?
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If you've received a tax notice or lien from the IRS, it's crucial to take prompt action. Contact us as soon as possible to seek professional assistance. We can help you understand the notice or lien, assess your options, and develop a strategy to address the situation effectively.
Can your firm help with state tax issues as well, or just federal taxes?
Yes, at EmprePro Solutions, we can assist with both federal and state tax issues. Our team of tax resolution experts are knowledgeable in the intricacies of both federal and state tax laws and can provide comprehensive support in resolving your tax matters at both levels.
Is my information kept confidential during the tax resolution process?
At EmprePro Solutions, we prioritize client confidentiality. Your information is kept strictly confidential during the tax resolution process. We adhere to professional standards and legal requirements to safeguard your privacy.
Will hiring you stop collection actions by the IRS or state tax authorities?
Hiring us can help stop or mitigate collection actions by the IRS or state tax authorities. Through negotiations and implementing appropriate resolution strategies, we can work towards stopping collection actions or developing alternative arrangements that align with your financial situation.
What are the potential outcomes of a tax resolution case?
The potential outcomes of a tax resolution case can vary depending on the specifics of your situation. Examples of potential outcomes include reaching a settlement agreement, securing an installment plan, obtaining penalty abatement, or having your tax debt reduced. The goal is to achieve a resolution that minimizes your tax liabilities and helps you regain compliance with tax laws.
Can you help with unfiled tax returns or past due tax obligations?
Yes, we can help with unfiled tax returns or past due tax obligations. Our tax resolution services encompass addressing outstanding tax filings, assisting with the preparation and submission of unfiled tax returns, and helping you develop a plan to address any past due tax obligations in the most effective way possible.

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